Communication is a Bloodstream

Applying models of unobstructed communication flow (horizontally and vertically), with basic elements of business communication, this workshop is intended for everyone who has to and/ or wishes to upgrade their flow of business communication, while increasing efficiency and excellence of their team.


  • Introducing and perfecting processes and elements of communication
  • Implementing criteria for unobstructed intern and extern communication. Realizing that communication is the bloodstream of your company.
  • Improvement of company’s communication (communication network, formal and informal communication)
  • Introducing practical methods for efficient gathering, selection, organization and structuring of information and messages with the goal of increasing company’s IQ
  • Determining forms of communication and business communication: classification by the senses (tactile, visual, hearing/speaking) and by the role of a language: verbal and non-verbal (conversation, discussion, meetings, presentation, e-mail communication, forms, letters, business reports)
  • Communication and interpersonal relationships (balancing social relationships, creating trust, motivation, efficiency)
  • Repeating and researching techniques of key messages that influence a recipient of a message

The workshop can last from 1-3 days, depending on needs and set objectives, with technique exercises, feedbacks and advice of your coach.