Dejan Laninović

After over 20 years of professional volleyball and 280 performances for the Croatian national team, the most successful Croatian volleyball player and captain of the national team retires from professional sports and dedicates himself completely to entrepreneurship and management, areas in which he has been gaining experience during his sport career. He shows his leadership skills early, on the court, as the captain of AOK Mladost, Montpellier, Bilzen, Hotvolley, Innsbruck and the Croatian national team, later by leading Croatian young national team as a coach. Although a creative soul, this market communication specialist with a degree in sport marketing transfers sport spirit and philosophy to business and relations, while inclining to psychology as an additional interest and integrating his knowledge through author trainings linked to motivation and team leading. Besides being currently in charge of development of the Croatian volleyball federation, these days he can be found on a golf course, in a forest, or at sea while diving. With all the above, he is a family man that pays attention to nutrition and leads a healthy sport life, making him the ideal type of an All About Sports versatile and modern manager.