Ivana Nobilo

An expert in areas of market communication, consultant, author of numerous trainings and lectures, teaches marketing to undergraduates. Knowledge, talent and more than 15 years of experience considerably complicates shortening her biography. In the field of public relations, she has specialized in intern and crisis communication. She also has a rich experience in comprehensive diagnostics and improvement of communication models within medium and large systems. In the last 10 years her focus areas are enlightened marketing, marketing directed to women (Femvertising), as well as brand management. Although she stands out with her organizational, analytical and communicational skills, she shows her creative side by teaching, constructing trainings, developing concepts, even writing lyrics to songs. There is also a spiritual side to her, besides having a hypnotherapist degree, she has been studying crystals, numerology, feng shui, conscious diet and other numerous techniques for years. In the next few years, this nature and sport enthusiast,a wife and a mother, will dedicate time to her PhD and exploring consumer behavior.