Presenting – Kill it or Nail it

Working on oral communication: preparing presentations, public performances and presentational skills with a goal of improving competence in areas of presentational skills.

Content of this workshop is:

  • Working on basic principles of oral communication (speaking skills, verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • Preparing presentational materials: analysis of the audience and its needs, targeted messages, planning, developing and structuring ideas and facts through mental maps.
  • Structuring and designing materials: interactive PowerPoint presentations (so-called “PowerPoint Detox”)
  • Conducting a presentation: importance of coordinating verbal and non-verbal communication, body language, speech qualities, movement
  • Working on techniques of using your voice in purposes of public performance and raising awareness of breathing the right way, tone projection, text pronunciation without straining and destruction of the vocal chords, as well as getting rid of stage fright
  • Working on individual obstacles of a successful and freed speech; what “blockers” do we carry and what causes them; which are the habits of a private speech that influence the needs of public appearance negatively
  • Implementing practical methods of working on a text and preparation of a text (content analysis, evaluating importance of parts of text and individual words

This workshop is intended for managers of higher and lower management which have public performance as a crucial part of their job and need to improve their speaking and presentational skills, so they could be more precise, fluent and sovereign speakers. The workshop’s duration is 1-2 days, depending on set goals and needs of a specific team that participates. Implementing newly acquired knowledge and skills is conducted with feedback and advice by the coach.