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Mind and Body Scan (Junior)

All About Sports agency in cooperation with Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, is carrying out individual and group diagnostic tests of children’s psychophysical characteristics with a goal of comprehensive diagnostics, considering the results a participant is achieving. Our measurements place emphasis on cognitive and conative aspects. The program is implemented in cooperation with psychologists, kinesiologists and doctors of school medicine. Our diagnostic tests are carefully thought-out, scientifically justified and their results showcase participant’s condition objectively and extensively.

The program includes testing and measuring of: anthropometric characteristics, motorical skills (flexibility, coordination, speed, strength, endurance, precision), functional capacity (aerobic and anaerobic capacity), cognitive (intellectual abilities) and conative (personality traits) skills.

Tests take 120 minutes continuously or 2×60 minutes. Our team can test up to 120 children per day.

At the end of the program, the participant is handed a brochure with the results of anthropometric measurements and tests of psychomotor abilities, as well as the results of the psycho test, remarks, suggestions and/or guidelines written by our experts in kinesiology, psychology, nutrition and pediatrics.

The importance of implementing A.A.S. Mind and Body Scan

  • The burden of the new age and it’s technological growth has had a negative impact on basic motor skills amongst pre-school and school- age children
  • School systems add no importance to testing children with psycho tests and in the same time fail to support personal and/or sport orientation


Goals of A.A.S. Mind and Body Scan

  • Getting a detailed insight into elements that a child is best/ worst at, so that parents, professors and coaches could apply the best approach in directing children’s activities while working on reinforcement of individual’s personality. It is well known that sports can crucially influence character development.
  • Including all children in sport and recreational activities regardless of the talent one possesses, so they can grow in a healthy enviroment, raise awareness on the importance of healthy nutrition and develop into healthier, happier and motivated individuals.
  • Research and results comparison between european countries


Experts involved in A.A.S. Mind and Body Scan

  • doc.dr.sc.Tomislav Đurković, author and director of kinesiology-based part of AAS Mind and Body Scan
  • dr.sc. Svjetlana Salkičević, director of psychology- based part of AAS Mind and Body Scan
  • Mr. sc. Irena Švenda, mag. nutric., mag. ing. bioproc. inž.
  • univ.spec.oec.  Dejan Laninović, co-author and coordinator
  • univ.spec.oec.  Ivana Nobilo, co-author and director of marketing