Trainer’s Trainer

Depending on set goals and clients’ requirements, duration of this lecture (and/or individual coaching) is 2 hours. The lecture is intended for coaches, parents of young athletes as well as children engaged in sports.


  • Harmonizing communication triangle parent- young athlete- coach
  • Better understanding of parents’ and coach’s role, function and effect on young athletes
  • Improving trainer’s communication and long-term planning in order to keep young athletes interested while working on their results
  • Accenting the importance of differences between individual young athletes and setting up various methods of motivating young athletes with different individual approaches
  • Developing mechanisms of conducting a group of young athletes and approaching a young athlete on an individual level.
  • Developing parents’ relationship and approach towards a young athlete, his coach, accenting the importance of a coordinated relationship between parents and coaches, realizing the strength of parent’s influence on a young athlete and directing a parent with a goal of child’s well- being and progress on a personal, sport or professional level.